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Introduction to Beach Fundamentals

It’s easy to enjoy a game like Beach when it has so much to offer. From 20 paylines and its rewarding features, to the beautifully designed reels, this NetEnt video slot is what you call a no-brainer. Add to this pretty big payouts, accompanied by the maximum win of 2000x bet per line, and you’ll get what Beach’s all about.

What You Need to Know About Beach Online

Not only are the fans of Summer impressed by Beach Bitcoin, but countless other players of NetEnt slots, as well. And this is why.

It seems easy to win on Beach when you take a look at its 13 symbols and extra features like those free spins, as well as prize-boosting wilds and scatters, the RTP rate of 96.8% and 20 paylines that combine to pay out up to €40000.

In order to play Beach for real money you need to find online casinos that offer NetEnt slots. If you opt for BetChain Casino, you’ll get a real treat. New account here equals free money, thanks to BetChain Casino € 700 bonus. Use it to enjoy Beach and many other titles in BetChain Casino’s offering.


NetEnt’s famous Beach video slot, first presented in 2012, is a game of many facets. NetEnt strives to keep it constantly updated: Beach consequently always runs smoothly and without bugs.

List of Rules

NetEnt introduced the following rules into this 5-reel slot title:

  • Players need to hit at least 3 of a kind symbols along one of Beach’s 20 paylines in order to win
  • The slot pays left to right, although Scatter pays any
  • Scatter wins do not require lining up symbols
  • Wilds serve as substitutes for all 13 symbols except scatter
  • It’s possible to win only once per line – the top win is paid
  • Activating free spins means getting 24 of them
  • The max wins or wins acquired during autoplay cannot be gambled in the feature
  • Wager at least €0.2 to play Beach
  • In case of malfunction, all Beach pays and plays can be proclaimed null.

How To Play Bitcoin Slots Online

This article is meant to provide more info about how to play Beach with Bitcoin. We’ll cover the 3 symbol match requirement, the left to right paying direction setup, the 5 reels and the 20 paylines among other things.

First, choose how and where you want to play. Try our recommended bitcoin casino: BetChain Casino offers you a 100% bonus, up to € 700.

With the €40000 prize, and other bonuses, it would be a shame not to play Beach for real money at BetChain Casino. You can play right on the site.

Prefer test-ride before plunging in? Beach free-play version can be found at BetChain Casino. The installation of this 5-reeler is not necessary.

To start the Beach magic, you need to press the Spin button and decide your preferred bet by means of the coin button. Remember, Beach lets you win up to 2000x your line bet.

5 alike symbols on the reels of Beach bring major prizes. To win, you should activate 20 paylines. It’s worth noting that in this 5-reeler, the maximal number of paylines is always active. For more excitement, press the Turbo button.

Are Online Slots New to You? Just Follow the Steps Below:

  • In bitcoin slot games you need to pick your paylines first.

In terms of Beach, it offers 20 paylines. It’s mandatory to bet on all 20, which may seem unfair, but actually makes Beach much more generous. Just spin those 5 reels and see for yourself: – 40000 coins the maximum line bet win may be yours.

The direction to look out for is left to right, because that’s how this slot’s 20 paylines will pay you. Also, you should know that Beach has more than 20 paylines.

  • The bet size is one of the most important settings.

Also known as coin size, in Beach this is selected using a coin size button. Pick from Beach’s range that goes from €0.01 to the maximum €1.

No need to spend time deciding about Beach’s paylines, as they are already pre-set to 20. Thus, you can focus on credit amount. NetEnt thought of all player types when creating this video game, as any wager can lead to a jackpot of remarkable 2000x your stake per line.

  • Now that things are settled with the Beach coin size, you can pick your line bet amount.

Line bets differ depending on the venue. BetChain Casino, for instance, allows placing 10 coins per each of the slot’s 20 paylines. The offered betting options range from 1, as the lowest, to the highest – 10 coins per line. Just use Beach’s designated button for selecting line bets.

When playing Beach, you cannot choose more or less than 20 bet lines. This is good, because the max prize of 2000x line bet will be that much easier to win.

Seeking a fast way to wager as much as you can? No problem – there’s the ‘bet max’ button.

The least you can go with this 5-reeler’s line wagers is €0.01, but you can pick higher sums, too – €10 is the highest you can go. NetEnt’s obvious intention with Beach was to target players with deeper pockets.

  • The Spin button will set the 5 reels in motion.

Now that you’ve started the game, Beach will give you some profitable winners based on what you’ve set up as your bet. Also, you can choose to have it on the automatic spin mode. The 5 reels can spin automatically as much as 1000 times.

Said that, you should know that this NetEnt title will halt the auto spin if you get some free spins or any special bonus.

  • Are the full screen and volume commands also at your disposal?

But, to our surprise this 5-reeler doesn’t contain the full screen option. NetEnt made a huge ommission here, we hope Beach’s next version will involve this detail.

No fullscreen, no mute options – NetEnt really didn’t think this through, apparently. Hopefully, Beach’s newer versions will see this corrected.

Although, you can set the volume with the volume button.

Symbol Values

NetEnt included 13 symbols into this bitcoin slot. The following are the video slot’s best paying among them:

  • The Treasure Chest
  • The Oyster Pearl
  • The Triton Shell
  • The Starfish
  • The Shell
  • You’ll earn the least on the 10.

But also, take a look at:

  • A scatter symbol that pays any
  • A substituting symbol
  • the Scatter symbol that triggers a round of free spins
  • and finally the Octopus Wild

If you are enjoying this NetEnt slot and hope to win the big prize, then pay attention to Treasure Chest, the game’s biggest paying symbol, and 5 of which can make you a fantastic winner with a prize of 2000x payline stake. Using simple math, with the €10 maximum line stake and all 20 paylines, winning this reward would bring a very hefty €40000 prize!

Here’s an image of the Treasure Chest tile:

In Beach you’ll find a second highest paying multiplier of 1000x your line bet, and you can get it of you have 5 Oyster Pearl tiles. The third strongest symbol is the Triton Shell. For this one, you will be awarded a 750x multiplier. All you have to do is get 5 of them on one of the 20 paylines.

The Beach’s lowest rewards come with the 10 symbol. Still, its maximal prize of 50x bet per line is not negligable. Slightly more generous is the Starfish, which can bring even 500x line bet, as well as the Shell, which multiplies the line bet by 350 if 5 of those symbols stop on an active payline.

In terms of this NetEnt slot’s special features, the Wild is the one that substitutes for its 13 regular symbols. It’s quite a bargain, considering the 20-coin the minimum bet.

It’s cool to have the Wild symbol, but having a scatter, too, is even better! Beach has both, and its Scatter symbol is great not only because of the x bet prize, but because winning with it is easier since it pays any.

This 20 paylines slot also comprises the free spins icon, Scatter, that may positively affect your account balance.


This Summer game is classified as a video slot that spins 5 reels and pays on 20 paylines.

Paylines in Beach and other slots in general serve to decide the 5 reels’ payouts.

As mentioned before, this Summer-themed slot allows no paylines selection. Its 20 lines are fixed, but winning options are innumerable.

But, the wager can also be amended – by the coin value option, or by depositing more coins per line.

Simply, here you have a set minimum bet of 20 coins, this being the smallest bet possible, and up to 200 coins in total. The array of line bets includes one coin, used as a basic starting point, ranging to 10 coins as the greatest of line bets avaliable. Bear in mind that your coin value in this NetEnt slot can be adjusted if you click the relevant button.

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Things to Know About Paylines:

  • Winning on Beach’s paylines is left to right.
  • Get at least 3 matching symbols along a payline for Beach to pay a prize.
  • All regular symbols can be substituted by the Wild symbol.
  • No paylines are needed for the scatter symbol to pay.
  • Top win per line paid alone. In case of two or more Beach wins on an active line, the biggest one is paid.
  • Since Beach requires you to wager on all of its 20 lines, you can count on more frequent wins.

Reels in Online Slots

Introducing Beach’s reels, one must notice that these 5 blocks follow the rules of gravitation, moving downward. This is perfectly normal for a video slot, such as this NetEnt title.

Playing a video slot like Beach is great because of its 13 symbols. Included in those is the Wild symbol and the Scatter tile. Finally, this NetEnt title involves a special Octopus Wild icon that results in significant bankroll boosters.

Beach Jackpot

Who doesn’t love online slot jackpots? NetEnt, apparently! There is no fixed Beach jackpot in their Beach game. However, extra types of offers, such as the 2000x your line stake available, allow NetEnt to give you something different instead. In order to win, you need to get the Treasure Chest 5 lined up. This can bring you as much as €40000in cash for a €10 bet.

All you Need to Know About the Progressive Jackpot Bonus

While progressive jackpots are great, the fact that Beach doesn’t have one doesn’t diminish its worth. NetEnt made this 5-reeler with a hefty line bet multiplier of 2000xthat’ll surely satisfy your winning appetite. Besides, Beach may be included in one of the NetEnt casinos’ progressive jackpot pools, as well.

The Difference Between Video and Classic Slots

It’s definitely a video slot. Beach’s graphics are very indicative of it, as NetEnt made them vivid and bright.

Is this Game in 3D?

3D technology wasn’t incorporated in this 20 paylines game. However, that’s not what’s important – those valuable prizes are your true goal.

Beach Download

Instant-play bitcoin casino sites like BetChain Casino are more convenient than the ones that require a Beach download, which takes more time and occupies space on your computer. Most of the Beach casinos are both Mac- and PC-friendly, and BetChain Casino even offers both demo and real-money versions of all their games. Try Beach for free – or switch to playing Beach for real money.

Which Button Does What?

We’re gonna explain the dashboard in detail:


Without a doubt, the button you click the most in all BetChain Casino slots is often referred to as Spin or Start button. In Beach, NetEnt decided to call it Spin and give it the role of the 5 reels starter, which may bring you up to 40000 coins to cash out. Various other buttons were designed by NetEnt for this video-game-like slot, including:

  • the max Bet option used for setting the bet size to the max
  • Turbo button that sets the reels in turbo mode
  • the button for Beach’s info section
  • volume controls

The Turbo Feature

Every now and then, Beach style slots include a turbo button to quicken the speed of their reels. When this is engaged, the reels will spin faster in Beach’s base game and even during any bonus rounds.

Clicking on the Turbo button will set the 5 reels in such a fast-paced motion that the €40000 prize could come in a blink of an eye. If you click Turbo again it will stop the Turbo mode.

The Info Button

The Info icon will open a page with Beach basic facts and rules. Make sure you read these, it might come in handy.


In general, the function of the autoplay setting is to make the reels spin automatically for a preset number of times. As a result, the Spin need not be clicked each time we wish to spin the reels; video slots players need to reset autoplay when they are finished spinning or a feature is won. In this NetEnt release, this setting feature is really useful, as all you need to do is set Autoplay and this will get its 5 reels spinning, making the NetEnt game’s 13 symbols work for you. Beach’s autoplay setting is reset just by clicking on it.

If you really want to spin without any interruptions, then it is best to use the Autospin option in this BetChain Casino slot and not the Spin toggle. Another great advantage of this setting is that NetEnt thought ahead, giving its stopping variability.

Therefore, you have the chance to use thisvideo slot’s feature as you like, since it enables you to spin the 5 reels for a set number of times. Additionally, when you play 24 free spins, the Autoplay will stop.

Min Bet

If these 5 reels really tickled your fancy and now you want to join BetChain Casino and use all of those smashing offers that new players get, don’t just start spinning the 13 symbols willy-nilly. First check what is the minimum required bet amount for Beach and then hit the Spin icon.

Lowrollers who play Beach will surely miss the Bet One button, but this Summer title still lets you adjust your minimum coin per line bet to 1 coins.

There are a lot of prizes to be won in Beach, but how much you’ll actually win – that’s entirely up to you. You can go in lock, stock and barrel. And you can be cautious. If you are of the latter kind, NetEnt introduced the option to set the coins at €0.01 per coin, which means that your cash bet will be as little as €0.2. That is, if all 20 paylines are selected.

What you will find very helpful in Beach is that it has 20 paylines that are fixed – you can’t lower the number. Thus, you can put up the minimum coin amount – 20 if the coins for a line is 1 and still go home with a significant amount. Plus, you won’t miss out on Beach extras.

The Maximum Bet Level?

NetEnt made things for highrollers quite simple in Beach. The game offers a special button – bet max, which enables you to set your Beach bet to the maximum in a single click. 2000x line bet and feature prizes in this video slot are more likely won this way. This game with interesting Summer content lets you wager the maximum of 200 coins, which means placing 10 coins per each of the 20 lines. Translating this into cash, investing €1 per coin would make a top bet of €200.

Beach RTP

What is a Beach RTP, anyway? Simply put, Return to Player (RTP) is Beach’s payout rate registered over some time. 5-reel slots usually have RTP that ranges from 93% to 96%, which implies that when you spend €100, your average return will be €96, not that you’ll win in 96% of spins.

Beach has a superb Return to Player of 96.8%. The Beach RTP is surely one of the reasons why it’s so well-liked among BetChain Casino spinners.

Wild, Scatter, and Other Bonus Symbols

Similarly to so many video slots, Beach boasts both wild and scatter symbols. A one-of-a-kind symbol is Octopus Wild that brings line bet multiplier of x – one of the slot’s major prizes.

Scatter Symbol

Similarly to a number of other video online slots, Beach offers the scatter symbol. It can pay x bet from any position on the 5 reels. It also starts a round of 24 free spins, thus boosting Beach’s generosity.

This is what it looks like:

play Beach for free

Wild Feature in Beach

Beach has a cool little trick designed to increase your odds of pocketing a lot of cash. It’s called the Beach wild symbol. And this is what it does for you: if you get 4 Starfish symbols and, as you know, you need to have 5 of them, this wild will slide in and replace one of the line’s tiles as if it were a Starfish tile. And this is how you will win 500 times your line’s bet.

win real cash on Beach

Remember this pic, it’s the Beach wild symbol.

Expanding Symbols in this 5-reeler

Albeit being a very popular feature for players, NetEnt has not enhanced Beach with this icon. Yet, BetChain Casino players will find many other fun and exciting features to play with.

Are Wilds Stacked in Beach?

There are no stacked symbols in this NetEnt reel slot, so we can conclude that NetEnt has missed his chance for greatness but you can still have fun by getting a 2000x line bet win in each spin.

How to Use the Overlay Tile

Beach doesn’t have an overlay wild symbol. But there are other perks you may obtain that will give you a chance to earn a lot of money.

What Information Can I Get from the Paytable?

How does it work in reality? Beach will pay out €0.5 when you get 5 10 symbols lined up together on the 20 lines. It’s similar with the other symbols. 5 reels all based on Triton Shell icons will get you €7.5 in cash. And you could always bag yourself the €20 that could be yours for achieving 5 all based on the same Treasure Chest symbols on the same line.

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How To Determine the Credit Size

Once you start spinning the 5 reels, you can expect rewards. But the actual amount partially depends of your wager. Read on to see how to set the wager amount.

  • Choose the number of coins per payline
  • Mark the coin value
  • Designate cash bet to each payline

Somewhat surprisingly for NetEnt’s offer, this novel slot doesn’t allow choosing active paylines. All 20 lines in Beach are always on. This practically means that – e.g. 18 lines cannot be a betting option.

20 lines – when playing Beach online, this is the number of win lines you are stuck with. There are other options, like using 1 to 10 coins. This is the way that NetEnt lets you choose the bet size.

Value of Beach Coins

Each coin you use has a distinctive value in cash. It’s important to learn how to set it:

This value ranges from €0.01 to €1. It’s easy to set – just click on the up and down buttons. This is not the final cash bet size – you still need to factor in 20 lines and the amount of coins used. In total, you will bet at least €0.2 or the maximum €200.

Multiplier Feature in Beach

As you probably know, there are 20 paylines slots that allow for a line betmultipler, usually varying from 50x to 2000x, but a multiplier feature doesn’t fall into this category. This Summer game has the Octopus Wild special which is here as an alternative for the special multipler.

Beach Bonus Games, Multiplier Rounds, and Free Spins

Special Features – Bonuses and Free Games

The Bonus Feature

Surely, many players like to see bonus game in their 20 paylines slots, but this one is without it. What it does have in offer are Free Waves free spins, which could make all the difference since you can get 24 of them.

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About Risk Feature

Beach won’t offer you any gamble feature where you could double your money. But it does offer prizes and exciting features which more than make up for the risk game. After all – a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush, right?

Beach Free Spins – In Game vs Bonus

It’s not a rare occurence for online casino players to get mixed up between Beach free spins, that are a constituent part of the game and BetChain Casino free spins, that are offered as a bonus. Sites like BetChain Casino might offer you free spins as a promo, so the 50 will be there for you on sign up to BetChain Casino, so you might be lucky enough at this NetEnt game to earn yourself some nice cash. On top of this, many casinos offer a free play feature. You should be aware that playing Beach as free play won’e win you any cash for your BetChain Casino balance. So if you want to win real money, play NetEnt games for real.

The Free Waves element of this game is one of the best aspects of Beach. It enables you to win 24 free spins at many points throughout the game play.

You can win a decent amount of free spins in the Beach game. It seems that NetEnt decided to offer a very nice 24 free spins for you, to help you win. are on offer if you’re lucky enough with your free spins in the Beach game.

Graphics and Layout

You can never make a mistake with a NetEnt video slot, as they all have those great graphics that so many Beach theme fans appreciate. In addition, Beach provides various toggles that can do the following:

  • select the number of coins
  • relax while Beach is autospinning
  • press the max bet switch for higher wins
  • toy with the sounds’ volume toggle
  • check the paytable
  • customize the coin value
  • put the game into the Turbo spinning mode
  • get the advantage of the info table

Feature Sounds

Generally, Beach-themed slots require genuine music and audio elements. Beach boasts such cool additions. NetEnt included them to strengthen the theme feeling. €40000 may increase your BetChain Casino balance while playing this innovatve 5-reeler and some specific Beach sounds will follow.

Beach Real Cash Play

When slot design is in question, leave it to NetEnt to produce a lively, enticingly and richly designed 20 paylines game for its players. Although playing for is, well, fun, Beach could actually boost your account by €40000 in real money. If you play for real money, that is. Moreover, with bonus features this Summer styled game has, you might want to bookmark it.

What’s the Real Money Play Procedure?

If you like getting hefty prizes, then you should try spinning these 5 reels for real money. BetChain Casino will ask you to register, which takes just couple ofminutes. So you have to do the following:

  • Open BetChain Casino’s website
  • Start the process by pressing the sign up button
  • Give all the necessary info
  • Get a 100% up to € 700 on your first deposit plus 50 free spins
  • Deposit the minimum €10 to play
  • Have a blast with Beach and its great wins

Withdrawing Your Earnings

In order to benefit from the 100% welcome bonus necessitates playthrough obligations of 50 x the bonus amount. From then on, you can cash out your NetEnt slot’s winnings.You’ll need to uphold the T&Cs from BetChain Casino, of course, which are available on their site, not in the Beach info, which is separate.

Is It Possible to Run Beach in Free Mode?

If this is your first time playing Beach, you don’t have to worry about getting it wrong. BetChain Casino enabled the Beach free play mode for this smartly designed slot. If you don’t like it, you can try out some other NetEnt slot, but if you do, then you can go on to play for money.

Beach free play, is available foreven without a BetChain Casino accountThis iincludes other NetEnt titles If you’re not that well-versed in video slots, you can take the 5 reels for a spin first, see if you like how it’s designed.

Beach free play mode can certainly be fun. However, winning Beach’s real cash is better! You can only do this in real play mode, which BetChain Casino lets you do simply, opening up lots of other NetEnt games to play with. Just put in a minimum €10 deposit, with a minimum bet of €0.01 a line. This could see your money last a nice long time. BetChain Casino can help extend your time playing the game with their 100% welcome bonus for a new customer making a deposit.

How To Unlock A BetChain Casino No Deposit Bonus

It’s true that there is no bitcoin casino no deposit bonus, but at least the 100% welcome bonus is there to prolong playing Beach. Besides, the minimum deposit BetChain Casino requires is pretty undemanding – only €10, and even with that this NetEnt game can be played for quite a while.

BetChain Casino App for NetEnt Slots

Beach app is MIA, but you can go to the BetChain Casino website on your mobile device, whether it’s a Blackberry, iPhone, Windows Phone, iPad, Android tablet or a smartphone, and just play there. The €40000 prize will still be there, without any BetChain Casino app download or installation.

A thing to beware are sites that claim they have a BetChain Casino app or a Beach app. Don’t trust them, trust only the info you find on BetChain Casino’s official site. If an app is not there, it doesn’t exist.

Play Beach Mobile with Bonus Money

Doing things while on the go is a 21st century thing, but BetChain Casino decided not to motivate punters who want to spin this 5-reeler on their mobiles with a mobile bonus. But who knows, maybe this video slot will be allocated a Beach mobile bonus sometime in the future.

The Max Win

It’s not easy to achieve, but Beach’s top reward of 2000x line bet is waiting for the right BetChain Casino player to win it. It’s brought by 5 Treasure Chest symbols on one of the 20 lines, and you can find out all about it by pressing the paytable icon

Beach Tricks

Playing online slots games is not the same as playing certain other BetChain Casino casino games you might come across. Where there is a certain amount of skill in playing, for example, blackjack or poker, slots are more like their random outcome cousins, such as roulette or baccarat. And even if you’ve had some luck with NetEnt slots games before, there’s no guarantee you’ll repeat that luck with Beach.

It’s easy to indulge in this NetEnt slot as it includes some nice features and payouts. Indeed, if you have not tried Beach yet, bear in mind that this 20 paylines game with 96.8% RTP rate guarantees a lot of excitement and opens some fair winning opportunities. It’s enough to spin its 5 reels for only a few times to understand that it rewards generously, but not so often. In addition, with a bit of luck and the right bet, the €40000 easily may be yours. However, it’s always worth mentioning that this carefully designed slot game aims primarily at entertaining players and cannot be played in a specific manner that promises rewards. After all, as any other game encompassed by BetChain Casino rich offer, it can be played in both fun and real-money mode, so choose the preferred option and have a great time!

It’s also advisable to always bet on all 20 lines, keeping your winning odds as high as possilble.

What you can get from Beach in relation to its volatility are. Plus, there’s the 96.8% RTP, and the €40000 top win, together making a special NetEnt mix to die for.

Mind you, the possibility of winning the €40000 big win through BetChain Casino might be seen as being just as much fun as playing the game itself!

NetEnt: Some Vital Information.

  • Established: 1996
  • Founder: Pontus Lindwall
  • Headquarters: Vasagatan 16, 111 20, Stockholm
  • Website:
  • Specialties: Online and Mobile Gaming, Digital Gaming Solutions, Entertainment
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